A Gift from Dad

My Christmas gift request list as a kid was always sports related, as in hockey equipment or a baseball glove. No electric trains, model airplanes or complicated games for me. I was a jock from very young. I really did want a bicycle though. For a couple of years I earned money from the jobs... Continue Reading →

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Taking the Risk

A little while back, I received an apology text from one of my roommates. Somehow or other she had accidentally broken one of my nice mugs. I told her not to worry about; although it was a good one, it was just a material thing and on the scale of importance, it really didn’t matter.... Continue Reading →

I Have Found “The One”!

For years, Hollywood has been teaching us many stories. Through these stories, whether intentionally or not, we have also been taught many lessons. As a little girl, a message that I took with me was that I should be searching to find the “one.” All wrapped up in this concept is the idea that there... Continue Reading →

Homesickness and…Kidsickness?

“The kids were rolling their eyes. The parents were dabbing theirs. Homesickness loomed…for the parents. If the younger folk were worried about being separated from their parents and pets (and iPad and IPhone), the older generation looked positively stricken by a combination of love and anxiety." OurKids-“Why Send Kids to Camp” “Are you all packed... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather Be At Summer Camp

Camp. Where do we even begin? For so many of us we have some kind of nostalgia attached to that word. It could be a day experience, overnight or maybe even both. I remember, when I was a child going to my first overnight camp. The anxiety that followed me the entire four hour car... Continue Reading →

Shifting Seasons

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.” ― Charles Dickens, Great Expectations Hard to believe that March is so fast approaching! With it comes the promise of spring, sunshine and of course, a whole lot... Continue Reading →

God, Help My Priorities!

  Opening comments Hey everyone, thanks for taking a moment to read through this. I want to preface these comments by saying that this post is written with the assumption that those who will be reading it are born again Christians who are looking to go deeper in their walk with Christ. The topic that... Continue Reading →

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