A Gift from Dad

My Christmas gift request list as a kid was always sports related, as in hockey equipment or a baseball glove. No electric trains, model airplanes or complicated games for me.
I was a jock from very young. I really did want a bicycle though. For a couple of years I earned money from the jobs I did around our little farm, (no allowances given for ordinary jobs expected of us in the home ….like making our beds or helping with dishes). Watering the five hundred hens or making sure the two thousand capons (castrated roosters) were fed, rendered the sum of $2.00 per week and later increased to $5.00. Dad taught us to tithe whatever we made so ‘religiously’ I was faithful in my giving to God’s work.

One Christmas morning I enthusiastically followed my younger brother David down the stairs to our living room where there was a shiny ‘used’ bike sitting beside my name tag and stocking. WOW! I was excited!

Then Dad asked me how much had I saved over the year towards my anticipated bike. My response..”twenty-two dollars”. Dad was generous but always careful to teach us responsibility with any of life’s gifts.

The most important gift he assured us was that the “gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord!”
Thankfully, God doesn’t ask us for any payback when He gives us this marvelous gift of Jesus BUT I am so thankful for what he has done that I happily gave him my life in return. What an adventure it has been!

May be it’s your time to do the same.

-Mel Stevens, Founder

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