10 Practical Responses to Screens

By Paul Robertson – paul@paulrobertson.ca

  1. Have a digital free zone in your house – one room where no technology is allowed.
  2. Buy a digital alarm clock instead of a smartphone.
  3. Remove all social media apps and games from you cell phone and only access through your personal computer.  It will greatly diminish the number of hours you spend on your phone while still giving you access on your PC.
  4. Encourage relationships.  Kids with better social skills do better in life.
  5. Model the kind of tech habits you expect of your children.
  6.  Have 5 or more meals per week as a family without tech devices.  Conversations will change all of you.
  7.  Keep your phone on black and white since your brain will find it boring and be less attracted to it.
  8. Practice a family day a week away from technology.
  9. Keep a handwritten journal about your life, dreams, goals, problems you’re working on, stories of your family, or new ideas you have for work or play.  The act of handwriting shifts you into a productive solitude, taking you away from digital distractions and helping you to make sense of whatever is really important in your life.
  10.  In the future, think about the implications of new technologies and devices before you bring them into your house. Screens have become an idol for many people.

*Which of these practical responses could you implement in your home in the coming week?

*What practical things would you have to do to make it work?

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