Beauty In Unexpected Places

It’s amazing that in the horse world, you can spot beauty and creativity
in “functional” places.  At the horse show, there’s artistry in the jump
course design and trail obstacle design.  “Bling” customizing every
horse accessory imaginable – browbands, belts, braids and boots.

I believe the capacity to create is the imprint of God – uniquely
human.  I see the beauty, intricate design and even humor in nature as
the mark of a designer – not random chance.
So, in this seemingly random time,  let’s be on the lookout today for
the beauty and humor in in unexpected places! Have you spotted any?

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works
are wonderful, I know that full well.” An ancient song written by King
David. The Bible

Written by Lindsay Grice

~Lindsay Grice is an equestrian coach, horse show judge and specialist in
equine behavioural science.
Her love for teaching riders was sparked as a summer staff riding
instructor at Teen Ranch. Visit her blog “It’s More Than Horse Shows at

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