Such a Time as This

"...I was listening to Francis Chan recently, and he talked about how sometimes we put Biblical characters on a pedestal. We see them as larger than life, as somehow super human..."

Falling off a horse, landing on my feet and other Thanksgiving Graces

Each autumn as leaves turn gold and burgundy, our conversations and posts turn to gratitude. For friends and family. For health and happy times. As I count my blessings, topping my list are, funnily enough, what I HAVEN’T received. Not only what I’ve been given, but what I’ve be spared from. Amazing graces… I’ve never... Continue Reading →

Fresh Start

We are not out of the woods to speak, as there are still challenges and opportunities and dangers ahead. As we have been facing a personal shift from the familiar (yes! we are moved!) it is clear that our security must be found not in favourable circumstances or preconceived conditions, but in our dependence... Continue Reading →

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