“…Plans to give you a hope and a future.” – God, Jeremiah 29:11

In 2006, I attended Teen Ranch's open house because I noticed a sign on the side of the road. I ended up meeting Sharon who told me about how she was looking for volunteers to help with the summer camp. I was a high school student looking for volunteer hours, was curious about learning more... Continue Reading →

How to Have Peace

By Ann Stevens So, how do we find peace? A quick search of Amazon books on the subject of peace generates more than 50,000 results. Needless to say, advice on the topic is prolific. Where do you even start?  Through the years, I’ve found peace in one place. Guess where? It has not been by... Continue Reading →

Beauty In Unexpected Places

It’s amazing that in the horse world, you can spot beauty and creativityin “functional” places.  At the horse show, there's artistry in the jumpcourse design and trail obstacle design.  “Bling” customizing everyhorse accessory imaginable – browbands, belts, braids and boots.   I believe the capacity to create is the imprint of God – uniquelyhuman.  I see... Continue Reading →

The Hymn of Faith

By Alyssa Edward If you asked me two months ago what COVID-19 was, I would have no idea, now it’s a household name. It has changed the way we move and act and function (or not function) as a society. It’s changed the things we prioritize and it’s even changed the basic way we live... Continue Reading →

Horses, Humans, and Fences

By Lindsay Grice Don’t give up what you want most for what you want right now. I have the privilege of speaking to a student groups at Teen Ranch several times a year. Life Lessons Learned from Horses.  Students from the city, nearly everyone experienced their first “horse encounter”. Horses are hard on fences, I... Continue Reading →

Experienced Riders

By Lindsay Grice What makes an experienced rider?  “Experience is not the best teacher- only evaluated experience is”. Wise words from professor and pastor, Dr. Howard Hendricks As riders, we are responsible for problem solving. When things go wrong in the schooling ring or show ring, it’s wise to stop, assess, and come up with... Continue Reading →

10 Practical Responses to Screens

By Paul Robertson - paul@paulrobertson.ca Have a digital free zone in your house - one room where no technology is allowed.Buy a digital alarm clock instead of a smartphone.Remove all social media apps and games from you cell phone and only access through your personal computer.  It will greatly diminish the number of hours you... Continue Reading →

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