Teen Ranch

Mel Stevens 2014
Mel Stevens 2014

In 1961, Mel Stevens went to Australia with his wife, Janet, and baby boy, Tim along with four other couples from a gospel music group to start Teen Ranch Australia. Mel and Janet directed the camp there drawing no wage for six years before returning to Canada to start a Teen Ranch Canada. With 10 dollars in their pockets, two more children and faith in God’s leading and proven goodness, the Lord provided. What you see and experience here today is a result of the faithfulness and obedience of this couple and their family to start Teen Ranch Canada which has been operating for over 45 years. The first summer camp started in 1967 with 6 kids and has now grown to 130 per week. There are also now Teen Ranches in Scotland, France, Romania, Poland, Kenya and Indonesia.

Besides summer camps, Teen Ranch is host to weekly school groups, church groups, business people, soccer and hockey teams – local as well as Olympic, International and NHL teams.

Mel Stevens calf roping

This place is here for you to enjoy and we trust you will sense the God’s presence and goodness while you are here.

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  1. Hi Mel. As a young boy I played hockey at teen ranch with all the NHL players and my father (Rev, Ross Ingram) was so proud!. I was not allowed to play on Sundays so it limited my junior experiences but I remember so well being a 14 year old kid playing with the likes of John Davidson, Ron Ellis & his Dad, Bob Gainey. Doug Jarvis, John Anderson and so many others that it shaped me to this day! I was blessed enough to have a cup of coffee as a pro but am even more blessed helping young people find the dreams JC has for their lives.

    My dad passed away this past Christmas and when I went back to TO our family reminisced of teen ranch and its impact on all our lives! Now living in Palm Springs CA USA I wonder if there may be a way to stretch your ministry to this much needed international place? I work closely with all hockey programs in the desert and want to begin a Christian connection to southern California. Hope you remember my family and you can contact me anytime at (760) 660-3372

    Take Care
    Tim Ingram

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